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Kaplan Consulting Network is an Organization Development firm that specializes in helping organizations and individuals become more effective. By fully leveraging human assets, we help to create a workplace that anticipates and responds well to change.

What’s keeping your organization from being as effective as you envision? What is going well? What do you wish were happening that is not? What is getting in the way? What have you done to address these issues? Ideally, what would you like to happen?

Does your staff know how to perform the work necessary to create organizational effectiveness? Do they have the current skills and competencies they need to function at their maximum? Or do they know how to perform effectively, but for some reason are not doing so?

Do any of your organization’s leaders have great skills in most areas and a few critical career derailers? Are they great at the task component of their roles, but manage to alienate everyone they work with? Or do they need help navigating the political landscape of the organization or adjusting to a higher level of leadership?

Our Purpose       

Meeting the demands of today’s increasingly complex marketplace can be a daunting task. Kaplan Consulting Network specializes in helping organizations respond with greater agility and strategic intent. Our focus is to help your organization perform better by more effectively leveraging your human assets.


In partnership with our clients, we jointly explore the organization’s culture, structure, leadership and team dynamics. We also help you to scan the marketplace environment to determine what is going on in the competitive landscape. Together we identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and analyze them against your current and future needs. We then customize an approach that maximizes employee commitment, improves productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

What is Organization Development?

Organization development is an ongoing, systematic process of implementing effective organizational change. Originating out of applied behavioral science , OD is now an interdisciplinary science that seeks to develop the organization. OD works with the organization to bring to conscious awareness those implicit values, beliefs, or behavioral patterns that are either helping or hindering development. OD practitioners then work with clients to develop solutions to improve organizational effectiveness. Organization development interventions are about change – change that could involve people, processes, systems, and structures.

With decades of effective experience, Kaplan Consulting Network guides your organization as it implements and manages change. “Our mission is to work with organizations to promote collaboration, embrace diversity, and encourage the pursuit of individual and collective purpose so that business and personal goals can be achieved.” Kaplan Consulting Network engages the expertise of a network of seasoned organization development and coaching professionals to complement in-house expertise or flex our resources to meet client demands and timetables.




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