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Organization Development

Kaplan Consulting Network uses its expertise in the human side of organizations to address the current state against the desired organization vision. We believe the greatest issue facing organizations today is one of boundaries. Organizational boundary tensions create a condition termed "organizational arthritis", meaning that every time there is a boundary intersection there is an opportunity for tension. These boundaries can be functional, hierarchical, geographical, interpersonal, generational, or related to work personality, gender, race, age, social status, length of tenure, leader/non-leader, and so forth. Following an initial assessment, we then collaborate with the client system to identify and articulate what needs to change, and to develop strategies to move the organization closer to its desired state.


A.  Assessment


  • What and where are the tensions in the organization?

  • How are things going for people individually and collectively?

  • How aligned are people around the organization’s mission?

  • How do staff view their success in helping to achieve the organization’s mission?

  • How engaged are people in the organization’s goals and how their role fits into those goals?

  • Are people working together in high performing teams?

  • If not, what is inhibiting that?

  • Do people feel valued and appreciated by their management?

  • What is the impact of the leader’s style on individual and team performance?


B.   Solutions could include


  • Aligning purpose and strategies

  • Recruitment and Retention strategies

  • Culture change

  • Addressing ‘boundary’ conflicts

    • Interpersonal

    • Across teams (Team building)

    • Within teams (Team building)

  • Role and responsibility Clarification

  • Leadership Development

    • Skills Training

    • Executive Coaching

    • Performance Management & Accountability

  • Effective Performance Management

    • Establishing performance standards

    • Assessing current performance against standards

    • Identifying gaps

    • Identifying reason for gaps (skill or execution)

    • Provide feedback

    • Establish accountability

    • Monitor performance and provide ongoing feedback

    • Acknowledge success or move to corrective action

  • Revamped rewards systems

    • Performance Appraisals

    • Competency development assessment

    • 360 degree feedback process

    • Career ladder

    • Compensation assessment and strategies

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective Communication – Intent vs Impact disconnects

  • Problem Solving and Decision making

  • Process Improvement



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