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Training and Facilitation

Kaplan Consulting Network offers skills training or personal effectiveness programs to satisfy organizational needs. All of our programs are interactive and customized for each client. Marianne Kaplan is a highly skilled and effective group facilitator, guaranteed to deliver training results that are engaging and effective.


A.   Needs Assessment


  1. Understanding of rational for training request

  2. Understanding of deficiency

  3. Cause of deficiency – Do employees lack the skills to do the work or do they possess the skill and are not doing it?

B.   Training Modules Offered


  1. Interpersonal Effectiveness

  2. Emotional Intelligence

  3. Personal Style Analysis (MBTI, Disc, Enneagram)

  4. Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Supervisor

  5. Basic Management Principles

  6. Navigating organizational culture and politics

  7. Active listening

  8. Motivation

  9. Negotiation Styles

  10. How to provide Feedback and Coaching

  11. Performance Management

  12. Delegation and Empowerment

  13. Conflict Resolution – within team or between individuals

  14. Influencing and Idea Selling

  15. A Primer on Group Dynamics

  16. Understanding Team Dynamics

  17. Benefits/Challenges of Working in a Team

  18. Increasing Team Effectiveness

  19. Respectful Workplace Training

  20. Facilitating Effective Meetings

  21. The Promise of Workplace Inclusion

  22. Making It Happen – Increasing Workplace Accountability

  23. Corrective Action

  24. Increasing your Productivity – Managing your Work and Your Life

  25. Barriers to effective communication

  26. Increasing Self-awareness and choice



Training Qualifications

  • Master Certified in Achieve Global programs

  • Conducted Achieve Global certification programs

  • Certified in Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence, and Enneagram instruments

  • NTL certification for Team Building

  • Excellent facilitation skills, coupled with ability to maintain group focus, and achieve goals while allowing contribution from all team members



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