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How can Kaplan Consulting Network help you?


As an organizational leader, what keeps you up at night??



In a recent employee satisfaction survey, your area’s scores dropped significantly. Since this is a key metric in your organization, you boss wants you to find out what happened and fix it.


Organization Development:   Gather data from impacted employees, analyze for themes, identify and address ‘low hanging fruit’ causing dissatisfaction, and involve affected employees in finding solutions for other identified issues.


Are you stressed out at work with the responsibilities and demands of your role, disappointed with work you’ve delegated to your staff, and pressured on the home front about your lack of availability due to work demands?


Executive Coaching and Training and Facilitation:    Involve an Executive Coach to work on root of problem and assist the leader in creating an improved situation. Is the leader unable to say no, to delegate effectively, to prioritize, or to allow some things to slip through the cracks? Training solutions could involve skills training in Effective Delegation or Managing for Accelerated Productivity.


Have you hired someone into a key leadership role and find that they are struggling mightily with the pressures of managing both up and down? You believe in this individual and are committed to his success. However, you are hearing more ‘noise’ about frustration within the ranks, and your boss is becoming more vocally disappointed.


Organization Development, Training and Facilitation, and Executive Coaching:    Determine the root cause of the performance deficiencies – are they a lack of skill or a lack of execution? Discuss the concerns with the incumbent, and prioritize the issues needing to be addressed. Provide skills training where needed (Communication, Managing Workload) and involve an Executive Coach to assist the leader in improving execution of key tasks and improving performance deficiencies. Monitor the ongoing performance. Reward successes. Provide consequences for failure to improve.


Is there a new need for accelerated succession planning in the organization due to a merger or acquisition? Do you have people on the bench who you have identified for leadership roles in the future, and now find that the need is much sooner than you anticipated?


Organization Development, Training and Facilitation and Executive Coaching:    Communicate the accelerated need to succession candidates to determine interest and availability. Develop a competency model for each job, identifying which competencies are most critical for success. Utilize a multi-rater feedback instrument to identify strengths and weaknesses. Work collaboratively with succession candidates and current leadership to identify development goals, strategies and timelines. Provide Skills Training and Executive Coaching as necessary.


Your direct supervisor, an organization vice president, is giving you feedback about how you are perceived by others in the organization. In your boss’ view, your customers do not see you as approachable and responsive. You sincerely doubt your boss’ view because you think he/she is out to get you and you have never gotten this kind of feedback before.


Organization Development and Training and Facilitation:    Suggest a multi-rater feedback instrument to invite multiple stakeholders to provide input on your performance. Training solution could involve performance management training for the Vice President, and Giving and Receiving Feedback for the individual involved.


There is infighting within your department. Several individuals and departments appear to be at war with each other. They are pointing fingers at each other, and blaming each other for their inability to meet their work goals. Productivity is being impacted, and morale is low.


Organization Development and Training and Facilitation:    Collect data from involved individuals about how things are going in the organization, and how the involved parties view the other. Conduct a team building session which focuses on perceptions, and how the teams are different and how they are similar. Surface issues uncovered in data gathering and provide an opportunity to address the issues honestly and respectfully in a group setting. Establish an ongoing plan to air issues as they occur and to monitor relationships between individuals and departments.


Your organization is commited to increasing the "look" of its top leadership. This commitment to diversity is reflected on your annual objectives, and failure to meet the objective affects your bonus!!!! Over the last three years, you have internally promoted or externally hired three people from protected classes (women, minorites, etc.) to top leadership roles. None of them has succeeded. Two left the organization voluntarily, and one person requested a transfer back to her earlier role. What is going on? You are offering them exactly the same opportunities and support as any of your other directs.


Organization Development, Training and Facilitation and Executive Coaching:    Collect data from leaders who left the organization about the reasons for their departure. Provide that data back to you as the leader who is commited to diversity but can't seem to make it work in your organiztion. Provide executive coaching to you and inclusion training to you and your team to increase your awareness about the culture change you need to create in order to attract, retain and motivate members of the non-dominant culture.


Kaplan Consulting Network’s solutions might include: 


  • Leadership Coaching to increase self-awareness and choice

  • Multi-rater feedback

  • Organizational realignment

  • Recruiting and retention strategies

  • Team building

  • Competency development

  • Revamped rewards systems

  • Process improvement

  • Performance Management

  • Diversity and Inclusion strategies

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